230 Fifth

230 Fifth :: NYC Rooftop Bars

Address and Phone
230 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212.725.4300
Website: www.230-fifth.com

230 Fifth is known in equal parts for its hip, attractive ambiance and its world-class view of the Empire State Building. It's also a spot to gawk at celebrities, as this is a popular venue for the stars and starlets of New York and beyond. Some love it, some hate it - but it's always entertaining.

Because of the popularity of 230 Fifth, it's often extremely crowded on the weekends so arrive early if you want a seat. However, repeat customers insist that the line moves quickly once you're in it. The DJs are always excellent and the drinks are strong. For those who aren't nightowls, 230 Fifth does a fantastic brunch, which allows for even grander views of the city.

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